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What is Air Dry Clay?

Air dry clay is a versatile product that can be applied in many of your arts and crafts. Unlike polymer clays that need to be baked in an oven to cure, air dry clay does not need to be heated. Air dry clay will harden and cure easily at normal room temperature. Once it becomes dry, you can paint and decorate the clay. Air dry clay is also very easy to clean up after used.

Difference between Air Dry Clay and Polymer Clay

Different types of clay can achieve different finishing. To start with, let’s look into each of their nature respectively. Air dry clay is soft and stretchy. When it is dried, it becomes solid and light. On the other hand, polymer clay is hard, That being the case, you need conditioning to make polymer clay easy to work with.

Moreover, air dry clay is very light. It feels softer and dries faster when it is in contact with air. More importantly, air dry clay is child safe. In contrast, when work with polymer clay, you will have to take some time to condition the clay beforehand. Also, polymer clay has some precautions that you need to take note of. Read the instructions before you use.

Tips and Tricks for Using Air Dry Clay

  • Work on top of a clean surface 

You definitely would not want to experience the feeling that when you are just about done with a project and then notice there is something small stuck in the clay. Can you imagine how frustrating it is to redo the whole thing? So, ALWAYS work on top of a CLEAN surface and with your CLEAN hand too. A clean table is the best surface choice. Remember to wash your hands too before starting to touch the clay.

  • Cover it when it’s not used to prevent dried out

Air dry clay always comes in a sealed air-tight bags because it will dry when it is in contact with air. So, take only an appropriate amount from the bag and cover the rest to prevent dried out. When air dry clay is dried out, it is almost impossible to use it again.

  • Apply lotion when it becomes hard

We can’t stress enough that how we should cover air dry clay when it’s not in use. However, if you are too excited showing around how cute is the ear that you just made, and totally forget about the remaining portion of your air dry clay, what you should do? No worries, I have had this problem too sometimes when I am too focused in just making a perfect nose or hand of the teddy bear. In this case, apply some lotion (I use NIVEA) to the clay and mix it well, it will become soft again. Take note that, lotion will only give you a short term pleasure, so you need to be fast to mould it into the shape that you want. The best thing is still COVER IT WHEN IT IS NOT USED.