Why Do You Need A Sketchbook?

Often as people begin to take interest in art, there are several aspects that worry them. Perhaps they may worry about spending too much on materials that they may not know how to use. Or ‘ruining’ good materials with their amateur skills. Ultimately, there is also the issue of not knowing what to draw/create.  Important […]

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Choosing The Right Tools For Your Art | Part 1: Pencil

Often for many aspiring artists, professional art materials may seem to not only be confusing, but also cost much more than your average art supplies. While there is nothing wrong with using more affordable options of materials to create art, it is occasionally worth investing in a few good tools for yourself.  Pencils as The […]

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What Type of Creative Persons Are You?

If you are a creative, you would know that even within the artist community, there are several different creative types amongst us. This fun little online quiz has been launched by Adobe to help fellow creatives figure their creative types out. With fun and vibrant graphics, this quiz not unlike other popular personality test, ie. […]

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