Frequently Asked Questions

What is Artroom 22 Events?

Artroom 22 Events is a dedicated platform for being the one-stop reference to happenings as well as value added workshops and courses. Not only you can market your art and craft skills on the platform, but also can purchase any workshops and events that you are interested in.

What kind of experience can I expect?

Our experiences are all related to living a different lifestyle. You can learn paintings, craft making, photography, baking, latte art, etc. Can’t find what you love? Contact us, we have more for you!

Do you organise private events?

Yes, we do bring party to your home! Tell us your theme and we do the rest. Regardless of whether you are having a full moon, birthday, or engagement party, we can customise the fun for you. Chat with our energetic team now!

Do you provide corporate or team bonding workshops?

Yes. Take off the corporate masks and relax just for a while! During all the corporate or team bonding art parties, we have professional art facilitators who will run an entertaining and engaging session for your team. Activities will be around your business goals and team development. 

How to become a partner?

It’s just a click away Become a Partner!

Can I offer to share my experience?

We are glad that you asked! So long as you are skilled and have some lifestyle experiences to share, then it’s a big yes to welcome you.

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