If you are a creative, you would know that even within the artist community, there are several different creative types amongst us. This fun little online quiz has been launched by Adobe to help fellow creatives figure their creative types out. With fun and vibrant graphics, this quiz not unlike other popular personality test, ie. Myers-briggs, Enneagram. It is a “simple and relatable yet robust and science-informed creative personality assessment”.

In partnership with Anyways Creative and Carolyn Gregoire, co-author of Wired to Create: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Creative Mind, Adobe developed this Creative Types quiz. According to Adobe, the quiz is based on psychology research that can “help you better understand who you are as a creative.”. The goal of the quiz is to assess the basic tendencies of a creative, such as how you think, act, and see the world. 

This quiz is comprised of 15 simple questions (and often abstract) questions. Between questions, there are “cutscene” transitions that can easily be skipped. However, try not to skip them, as these visuals were carefully created according to the answers you choose. And they are definitely worth spending those 10seconds taking in the genius of the ideas behind these visuals. 

Visualisation of Quiz “Cutscenes”

Source: Adobe Create

From a design point of view, this quiz is beautifully visualised with Carolyn Gregoire’s genius design elements. A drastic difference from typical serious tones and career-development  oriented online personality tests, this quiz is fun and exploratory. The incorporation of unexpected visuals definitely pique the test-taker’s sense of curiosity. 

Based on your responses, the quiz will assign you to one of 8 creative types: the Artist, Thinker, Adventurer, Maker, Producer, Dreamer, Innovator, or Visionary.

The types are more of a spectrum than a clear cut black and white. According to its creators, one might be one type at a certain point in their lives, and another in another instance. It is not wrong to assume that in every creative, a little bit of each of these types exists in them. As the poet Walt Whitman said, “We contain multitudes.”

As creatives, our journey requires us to be malleable and adaptive, hence our ability to metamorphosize between personalities. Just take it easy and embrace the changes that come along!