For most of the population in the world, people attend school where they teach basic knowledge such as Math, Science, History, Geography, and other subjects of general knowledge. Creative subjects such as Art and Music are often overlooked, much more so than even Sports subjects. And any pursuit of creativity is usually only seen as suitable if one shows exceptional talent or skill. Otherwise, people stray far away from expressing their creativity.

The Ability to Express

However, creativity is the ability to express, and expression is an inherent part of the human condition. Creativity allows us to express our emotions in healthier ways. One does not need to be talented or exceptional in order to dance, or to paint. Art is meant to be a medium of expression, not a commodity reserved only for the superior.

Creativity is the ability to express, and expression is an inherent part of the human condition.

Throughout human existence, art has played a steady role in creating cultural relevance and preservation. Generations of humanity flourish through the very connection of culture that bonds us all. Even in times of adversity, humanity has found comfort in the ability to create. We have been able to rebuild our lives through the very act of creation. 

Relevance of Art in Humanity

Some people may argue the relevance of art in the progress in humanity. What is the point of expression when it doesn’t cure disease, when it doesn’t end war? But should we take away movies, music, architecture, fashion, design, food, and all other facets of creativity, then humanity loses the core of its very soul. 

Remember, creativity is not a competition.

We Are Creatures of Emotion

Life is meaningful as a human being for the simple fact that we are creatures of emotion. The act of creation and expression tells stories of the human soul and all its range. It does not matter in what way you choose to be creative. What matters is that we should all allow our souls to sing, to dance, and to paint its beauty in the world that we live in.

It is not about painting beautifully, not dancing gracefully. It is about telling a story, a story of the soul.